I’ve been a customer of A&H since the late 90’s.  I’ve have 3 vehicles, 92 Acura Integra, 96 Honda Accord and 99 Honda Accord that all have been worked on by A&H. If you name it, I’ve had it done to one of my cars.  A&H is the only place I trust with my cars.  I’ve never had a problem that wasn’t identified and repaired by A&H.   Art is an excellent mechanic who stands by his work.  As long as A&H remains in business I will continue to let them work on my cars.  Right now my 96 Honda has 325,000 miles which was bought brand new and my 99 Honda have 229,000 miles which was bought with 111,000 miles. I totaled my integra in 06 and at the time it had 284,000 and it was bought brand new.  Thanks to all the repair work done by A&H got me still rolling today.
-Sam, Christopher L